Majacraft Suzie Professional

Majacraft Suzie Professional
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Detailed Description

The Suzie Professional is the "extra" version of their Suzie design. Like the original Suzie, the Suzie Professional is a double treadle folding wheel. The drive wheel and pulley of the Suzie Professional are heavier than the drive wheel of the Suzie for smoother, more efficient spinning. They are painted dark green but Majacraft can create a custom painted wheel on request. When the wheel is folded, t,he upright rotates down, acting as a handle at the top of the wheel for easy carrying. Ratios: 4.1, 6.3, 8.9, 11.1, and 13.8 to 1.

The Suzie Professional has:

  • frictionless ball bearings
  • extra fast pulley
  • two flyers: the round orifice "e-flyer" and delta flyer
  • ability to position the flyer for left-handed or right-handed spinning
  • built-in bobbin storage on the wheel for two bobbins
  • four bobbins
  • fits all Majacraft accessories

The wood is smoothly finished. The wheel comes unassembled.

Made in New Zealand.

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