Do you have a store open to the public? Yes.  We are open daily.  You can see our hours and directions to the store here.

What methods of payment do you take on your website?  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Do you offer bulk discounts? We offer bulk discounts on our regularly priced yarns.  For most yarns, when your purchase total hits $150, the yarn receives a 10% discount, and at $250, the yarn gets a 15% discount.  Books, tools, videos, sale yarns, etc. may contribute to the total, but do not receive a discount.  Most knitting and weaving kits receive the discount on the yarn component, but not on the pattern, findings, or winding fees (of some weaving yarns), if applicable.

Do you have yarn samples?  Yes and no.  Sample cards, with real snips of yarn, are available for most of our weaving yarns.  The cards can be purchased individually or as a set.  The sample card lists fiber content, sett, and yardage and shows snips of all solid colors that we carry in that yarn line.  Variegated colors are not included, as they are too difficult to sample accurately in a short length.  For those of you who fondly remember our knitting yarn sample cards, alas, they are no more.  The knitting yarn color lines change too frequently to make sample cards feasible.  You can see the available sample cards here.

How accurate are the colors on the website?  The colors you see on your screen may not identically match the yarn in reality.  Small adjustments in your monitor settings can make a large difference in the color of items on your screen.  If you are considering weaving yarns, remember that we have sample cards of those available so that you can see snips of the yarn.  If, when you receive a yarn, the color does not match closely enough for you, see the section on returns for directions on how to proceed.

How are your cone yarns priced?  Most of our products are sold in units of one, or "each," but some of our yarns come in put-ups that vary in size.  In those cases, we adjust the price to reflect the actual weight of the cone.  The price shown will either be the price per pound or the average price of a cone.  The text that accompanies the item will tell you which.  In either case, the final price of the cone will be calculated based on the weight of the yarn so the total that appears on your order at checkout is only an approximate total.  Perle cotton, 6/2 cotton, mop cotton, and some silks are examples of yarns that are sold by weight.