The Yarn Barn follows Douglas County COVID recommendations.  At this time, masks are not required.  If the situation changes, our policy will change to reflect County recommendations.



BACK TO BASICS—Warping Review

Do you feel like you need a quick refresher course on how to dress your loom?  If you have not done much weaving since you took the Beginning Harness Weaving class and want to review your skills, this is your chance to wind a warp, thread the loom front to back, beam on, and tension.  When you have completed this process, you will re-tie your porrey cross and put the warp back into a chain to take home and repeat the process on your own loom.  Repeat to reinforce!   You will choose either a wool or cotton worsted weight yarn in 2-3 colors.  By Susan Bateman.

W10 Nov. 26 (Sat.), 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  1 day      $70.00 THIS CLASS IS FULL


Please note that the classes below are intended for intermediate weavers who can dress a 4-harness loom, follow a weaving draft, and weave independently.  If you don't feel confident in these skills, please take the Beginning Harness Weaving class before enrolling in an intermediate class.



Quebecoise from Brassard is a sturdy 3-ply wool yarn that weaves up into great rugs.  We dress the looms for you in 8/4 carpet warp and you choose 4 colors of rug wool to make a 20” x 36” rug.  The stylish motif in the rug lets you play with the great colors available.  Learn tips on how to beat firmly, change colors, and achieve tidy edges.  You will need to pre-purchase 1 tube of 8/4 carpet warp to be left at the store so we can dress your loom.  You will need to purchase your weft yarn and 2 long flat shuttles or rug shuttles before class starts.  By Bea Bonanno.

W37 Oct. 8-9 (Sat.-Sun.) 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. 2 days $175.00 THIS CLASS IS FULL




If the many different weaving yarns and their blends make you unsure of what yarns to use for a project, this class is for you.  We will help you explore the characteristics of cotton, linen, wool, alpaca, bamboo, Tencel, silk and their many blends so you can make good choices when planning projects.  We will have 21 looms threaded with different yarns and you will weave samples of plain weave and twill at each.  After the workshop, you will wash a sample of each yarn to see how wet finishing affects the feel, drape, and size.  You will assemble a comprehensive notebook that will be a useful reference manual.   By Susan Bateman.

W33 Nov. 5-6 (Sat.-Sun.) 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  2 days $240.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!



Learn to maximize your loom width by weaving a double-wide blanket. 

Choose plaid or a striped design using your favorite colors of Marble Chunky, Vintage Chunky, Sarasota Chunky, or other heavier weight yarns.  We will wind the warps and have your loom ready to dress on the first day.  You will thread your loom and weave a blanket with finished dimensions of 45” x 70”.  Materials not included in class fee; you will need to purchase them at least 3 weeks prior to class.  By Bea Bonanno.

W32 Nov. 18-20 (Fri.-Sun.), 9:30-4:30 p.m.  3 days $175.00 THIS CLASS IS FULL


FRINGE AND BEYOND—Finishing Techniques for Woven Fabric

Looking for an alternative to fringe?  Take this class to learn twisting, braiding, adding beads, making decorative knots, and adding knit or crochet edges to your woven fabric.  You will need to bring a pre-warped rigid heddle loom or harness loom to class.  We have a limited number of threaded looms to rent.  By Deborah Jarchow.

W61 Dec. 2 (Fri.) 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 1 day                          $125.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!

W61R Loom rental/pre-threading (optional)        $40.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!


Please note:  

·         The Yarn Barn follows Douglas County COVID recommendations.  At this time, masks are not required.  If the situation changes, our policy will change to reflect County recommendations.

·         All class enrollments must include payment.

·         Students must be 16 years or older to sign up for classes.

·         Cancellations must be made 3 days prior to class starting to receive a refund.

·         If we are threading a loom for you, cancellations must be made 2 weeks prior to class to receive a refund.

·         Yarn Barn will cancel a class 3 days prior to class start if the enrollment is below the minimum number; refunds will be issued.

·         Unless noted, materials are not included in the class fee; we have a recommended list of supplies for each class.

·         Students will receive 15%-20% off yarns during the class period.


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