Louet Drum Carder, Classic Coarse Cloth

Louet Drum Carder, Classic Coarse Cloth
Item Number: SC-LOU-DRUM-C
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Detailed Description

Lout's classic drum carder is an easy-to-use carder that works well for medium or long fibers. It requires no adjustment; the non-slipping gears are enclosed and require no lubrication. The extra long teeth allow the carder to produce thicker batts than most. The extra long teeth make thicker batts possible.

The Classic carder has

  • 46 teeth per square inch for medium or long fibers
  • 7" wide x 10" diameter drum
  • 5/8" flexible steel plated teeth
  • enclosed gear box to prevent fiber entaglement
  • surface speed ratio of 12:1
  • doffing pin, brush, and clamps
  • laminated birch frame with hard white coating

Carder weighs 16 pounds and arrives assembled. It is made in the Netherlands.

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