Cotton Chenille

Cotton Chenille
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Item Number: WY-COTCHE-

Detailed Description

Cotton Chenille
  • from Brassard
  • 100% cotton
  • 8 oz tube / 725 yards per tube
  • 1450 ypp
  • sett: 15-18 epi
  • hand wash, dry flat followed by brief tumble in dryer

Cotton Chenille has a plush feel and deep pile, making it wonderful for blankets, pillows, scarves, and shawls. This cotton chenille has a matte finish so it looks more casual than shiny rayon chenilles. There are a couple of tips for weaving with chenille to make your experience better. You can use it as warp but because of the way it is made, with a woven core, chenille doesn't have much elasticity. That means that it requires very even tension in the warp to prevent broken threads. Also, it is vital that the fabric be woven firmly, with few or no floats of even 2 ends. Loosely woven chenille will "worm", with snags and loops that are hard to work back in. Don't let this frighten you away from chenille, though. The fuzzy feel is worth the work!

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