Cotton 8/2 Natural, large mill cone

Cotton 8/2 Natural, large mill cone
Item Number: ZWY-COT-082-N
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Detailed Description

8/2 Natural Cotton

  • 100% unmercerized cotton
  • mill cones vary in weight, approximately 4 lbs, SOLD BY WEIGHT
  • 3360 yards per pound
  • sett: 20-24 epi
  • 2-ply evenspun
  • machine wash and dry but fringe needs extra care

8/2 unmercerized cotton is the most popular weight of cotton for kitchen towels and is a great staple to have on hand. It is easy-care as long as any fringe is braided or twisted. It has a matte finish and is quite absorbent. You can stock up on the natural for the main color and then choose the 8-ounce tubes of 8/2 in dyed colors for the accents. To see the 8 ounce tubes of 8/2 unmercerized cotton in colors, click here

Please note that this yarn is open end spun.  It is the more economical spinning method but doesn't make the strongest yarn.  If you'd like a stronger 8/2 cotton, order the 8-ounce tubes of ring spun 8/2 cotton linked above or the Warp Twist yarn from Henry's Attic.

How this yarn is sold:  The cones of this yarn vary in weight but are typically 3 to 4 pounds. The unit price above is an estimate, based on common cone sizes. Your price will reflect the actual weight of your cone. Please order the number of cones, not pounds, that you would like to receive. Entering "1" means that you want one cone of approximately 3.75- 4.0 pounds, "2" means 2 cones, and so on. If you have a minimum yardage or weight requirement, please tell us about it in the box labeled "shipping instructions" during the checkout process or call us to place your order.  If your cone is slightly heavier than average, your total will be larger than the estimate you see on the checkout page and you will see a small separate charge on your credit card for the difference.  If it is smaller, the final charge will be less than the estimate you see on the checkout page.

This yarn is eligible for quantity discounts!

  • 10% at $150
  • 15% at $250
Discounts are based on the total value of the order. Non-yarn items (tools, books, DVDs, etc.) can contribute to the total but do not themselves receive a discount.