12/9 Cotton Seine Twine, 18 oz

12/9 Cotton Seine Twine, 18 oz
Item Number: WY-SEINE-129
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Detailed Description

12/9 Cotton Seine Twine

  • from Bockens
  • 100% unmercerized cotton
  • 1.13-lb tube / 1380 yds per tube
  • 1230 yards per pound
  • sett: 6-12, depending on weft to be used, or 24+ for rep weave
  • tightly twisted 9-ply

12/9 Cotton Seine Twine is a very tightly twisted yarn used for warp. It has very little stretch and stands up well to high tension, so it is frequently used as warp for tapestry weaving or rug weaving. The tight twist means the yarn wears like iron. This is the heavier weight of the two seine twines that we carry and has extra strength and heft.

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