Schacht Baby Wolf Loom

Schacht Baby Wolf Loom
Item Number: WLSC-BW-FL
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Detailed Description

Schacht's Baby Wolf loom is our best selling loom. It is a foldable jack loom made in Colorado of beautiful and sturdy maple wood. It has a 26" weaving width and is available with four harnesses, eight harnesses, or the four now-four later option. If you choose the four now-four later loom, your loom will arrive with four harnesses but the capacity to add four more later. No matter which style you choose, your loom will arrive fully assembled. You need only tie on the apron bars, assemble the crank handle, tap in the beater pins, and put the heddles into the heddle frames.

All Baby Wolf looms have:

  • the same parallel lamm system as the larger, standard Schacht floor looms
  • easy treadle tie-up with pre-measured cords
  • 400 inserted eye heddles for the 4 harness model and 800 on the 8 harness and 4 Now-4-Later
  • stainless steel reed and heddle bars
  • friction brake on the warp beam and ratchet brake on the cloth beam
  • removable back beam for easy threading
  • 2 lease sticks and 3 apron bars
  • brass reed hook

The Baby Wolf is a great loom even in its base model, but there are many options that allow you to customize your loom to suit your interests. You can add:

  • a double back beam that gives you the option of tensioning two sets of warp threads separately (useful for doubleweave or seersucker)
  • height extenders that accommodate very tall weavers
  • high castle tray to put storage above the castle
  • stroller wheels that attach to the base of the Baby Wolf and allow you to easily move the folded loom
  • a sectional beam with 2" sections and a 12" circumference for sectional warping
  • a raddle, useful for spreading the warp when warping from back to front
  • the Wolf Trap, a nifty tool tray that mounts on the breast beam

One stainless steel reed comes with the loom. Choose from 6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 dent reed. Enter your choice in the text box above. Loom ships with 12 dent reed if no preference is listed.

Dimensions: 34" wide: 35" deep; 33" high; 18" deep when folded
Weight: 53 lb. for four harness; 71 lb. for eight harness; 59 lb. for four now-four later

Yarn Barn will pay the shipping on this loom to any street address within the 48 contiguous states. If you are outside this geographic area, we will pay a portion of your shipping.

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