Louet David III Sectional Beam

Louet David III Sectional Beam
Item Number: WLLU-DASB-

Detailed Description

A sectional beam is necessary for sectional warping. Louet's sectional beam kit for the David III is composed of four rakes with 1" spacing on the dividers. The metal dividers can be moved or removed to create the spacing that is needed. The rakes attach to the existing beam. The sectional beam is available for the 27" David 70, 35.5" David 90, and 43.5" David 110.

This sectional beam is for the David III (October 2020 and later.) If you have an earlier David and would like a sectional beam for it, call us at 800-468-0035 or email us and we can special order one for you.

The photo above shows the sectional beam on a different Louet loom but the same item is used on the David III.