Fall classes

Classes are underway at Yarn Barn!   We have 2-hour classes that focus on a single technique, one-day workshops, and multi-week courses for completing more complex projects.   Are you new to fiber crafts?  We have beginning classes to get you started!  The beginning weaving and spinning classes meet in our new upstairs classroom, with lots of space, great lighting, and windows that overlook Massachusetts Street.  Knitting and crochet classes meet at the tables on the main floor, surrounded by thousands of skeins of yarn for inspiration.

Tones Light

Brooklyn Tweed has introduced their newest fingering-weight wool, Tones Light.  It starts with two base yarns, one light and one darker.  Both are immersed in the same dye bath, resulting in a vivid, lively version and a darker, muted version of each color.  Colorwork combinations are a breeze! 

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