Yarn Barn's Anniversary Napkins pattern

Yarn Barn's Anniversary Napkins pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-520-

Detailed Description

These napkins are part of our coordinated set celebrating Yarn Barn's 50th anniversary. They are woven in the same three colors as the runner and placemats but using a finer yarn--8/2 cotton sett at 24 epi. They are threaded in a simple point twill and woven with an easy 6-pick repeat. The kit makes four hemmed napkins measuring approximately 12.5" x 13". They can be machine washed and dried.

You will need:

  • 8/2B Cotton: 1 tube each of 3 colors
  • 14.5" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 12 dent reed
  • 343 heddles
  • 1 boat shuttle and 3 bobbins

We have chosen Cotton 8/4 colors 0100 Natural, 4275 Charcoal, and 5213 Cayenne for our napkins.