YB Pat 317 Lacy Linen Scarf Pattern

YB Pat 317 Lacy Linen Scarf Pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-317-

Detailed Description

A narrow lace scarf is a nice introduction to weaving with linen. It uses an 8-harness huck lace pattern to create a grid of lacework with an oval lace motif in the middle. For this project, we're using 20/2 Linen, a wetspun linen in the ivory color called "half-bleached", sett at 20 epi. This linen has a smooth surface with a slight sheen. It is strong, breathable, and classically elegant. The huck lace pattern alternates squares with warp floats with squares with weft floats. When the fabric is washed, the areas with floats open up to create a pattern of openwork on a plain weave background.

  • makes 1 or more scarves, 7.5" x 68" plus fringe"
  • 8-harness huck lace
  • 8.5" weaving width sett at 20 epi
  • linen
  • challenge--tensioning linen can be tricky because the yarn is inelastic but weaving with it is very rewarding
  • available here as the pattern only but also available as a kit

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