Tablet weaving is one of the oldest known forms of weaving and was originally worked with spindle-spun fibers.  Today, while tablet weaving is often done with commercially spun fibers, or with fibers spun on a spinning wheel, spinning yarns on spindles allows spinners to create yarns that can stand up to the challenges of weaving.  Spindle-spun yarns are also important for historical reenactments.  In addition, spindles are very portable, and allow spinners to create yarn on the go.  The first day will be an exploration of spindle spinning for tablet weaving, with an emphasis on spinning a wool yarn that will be able to withstand the rigors of tablet weaving.  You will meet 2 weeks later and learn how to tablet weave a historical pattern.  You will use a combination of spindle spun yarn and commercial yarn for the warp and weft.  Please note that this is not a beginner’s class, and you will need to have previous experience in drop spindle spinning and tablet weaving.  Materials and equipment not included.  By Julie Beers.

W08—Class meets June 25 and July 9 (Tues.) 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 2 days      $75.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!



In this one-day class, students will learn how to make a coiled basket by wrapping yarn around a base and then stitching layers together.  This is a versatile technique that creates a wide variety of shapes from small saucers to large baskets.  This is a great stash-busting project.  The base yarn will be included in the class fee; other materials not included.  By Carla Tilghman.

P11—July 23 (Tues.) 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 1 day               $60.00                     LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!


Please note:  

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·         Unless noted, materials are not included in the class fee; we have a recommended list of supplies for each class.

·         Students will receive a discount off most yarns during the class period.


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