Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design

Weaving Patterned Bands: How to Create and Design
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By Susan J. Foulkes. Northern Europe has a strong history of patterned woven bands. In the bands shown in this book, the contrast pattern warp threads work like the pattern weft threads in overshot or summer and winter--they skim over and under a background fabric, creating colorful motifs. You don't need a loom because this is backstrap weaving. Pick-up is used to select the pattern threads and a special double-slotted heddle is used to make picking up the pattern threads easy. Foulkes gives over 140 patterns for 5-, 7-, and 9-pattern thread motifs. The charts are large and easy to read and are accompanied by a woven sample of each one. The samples are shown in mercerized cotton but the same techniques can be used for wool or other fibers.

Double-slotted heddles of a variety of sizes and styles are available on Etsy, but Foulkes gives brief instructions for using a traditional rigid heddle or an inkle loom. Grab some yarn and get started making bands for friendship bracelets, bag straps, sashes, guitar straps, or leashes!