Toe-up 2-at-a-Time Socks

Toe-up 2-at-a-Time Socks
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Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks
by Melissa Morgan-Oakes

Knitting socks two at a time means that 1) they are exactly the same and 2) you don't have to worry about finishing one but not the other! But here's a new twist--knitting them toe-up means that you can try them on as you go and knit them to fit. Illustrated with large, clear photos and diagrams, the book takes you through the basics of toe-up knitting and 2-at-a-time knitting. Then it is on to 15 full patterns to try out these techniques. Along the way, you'll learn lots of tips for good general knitting and enjoy Melissa's wonderfully fun opinions on everything from types of needles to the prefered method of increase for the toes.

Hardcover over spiral binding, 169 pages.