Thick Thread, Thin Thread Throw pattern

Thick Thread, Thin Thread Throw pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-290-

Detailed Description

Thick Yarn - Thin Yarn Throw

We stumbled on this combination while designing a rug. The crisp pattern is the result of mixing thick and thin yarns in both the warp and the weft. We used Carpet Warp and 8/16 Cotton, expecting a hard surface, but they softened so nicely in the washing machine that the end result was a great lap blanket. The warp uses a thin yarn and a thick yarn that are the same color. The same two types of yarn are used in the weft but in a different color. When they are woven together, they create a dense but pliable fabric, great for draping across your lap on a cool evening. The kit makes one throw with finished dimensions of 26" x 54.75" plus fringe. It can be hand washed and dried flat, with a brief fluff in the dryer.

You will need:

  • 8/16 Heavy Cotton: 1 tube each of 2 colors
  • 8/4 Carpet Warp: 1 tube each of 2 colors
  • 32" weaving width
  • 8 harnesses
  • 10-dent reed
  • 315 heddles
  • 2 boat shuttles
  • 3 bobbins

We used Carpet Warp #93 Mahogany (currently unavailable) and #83 Duck with 8/16 Heavy Cotton in #1313 Medium Brown and #5068 Dusty Teal.

This pattern is available as a pdf that will be emailed to you during business hours.