Texsolv Heddles per 100

Texsolv Heddles per 100
Item Number: WA-HT-TEX-

Detailed Description

The Texsolv polyester heddles are sized metrically. Approximate lengths in inches are followed by the metric heddle length / eye size and the color of tie used to band them.

  • 5.87" is 150/12 red tie (Louet Erica)
  • 8" is 205/12 black tie (Louet Jane and Kombo; Glimakra Victoria)
  • 8.62" is 220/12 green tie (Ashford table loom; Schacht inkle loom)
  • 9.5" is 240/12 brown tie (Schacht standard floor loom; Leclerc Voyageur, Dorothy, and Diana; Dundas table looms; Glimakra Julia; Mountain)
  • 10.5" is 268/12 pink tie (Harrisville; Leclerc Artisat, Compact, Mira, Fanny, and Nilus; Kessenich)
  • 11" is 280/12 white tie (Glimakra Ideal and Standard; Toika manually-controlled Liisa, Eeva, Sonja, Jaana, and Norjanna; Louet David)
  • 12.38" is 318/12 blue tie (Leclerc Colonial, Nilus II, Weavebird, and Kebec; Norwood Cranbrook 48"-60")
  • 12.87" is 330/12 green tie (Toika computer-controlled Liisa, Eeva, Jaana, and Norjaana; Louet Delta and Octado; Norwood 72" Cranbrook; Schacht Cranbrook; Toika and Glimakra looms for those wanting larger sheds than standard)
  • 15.31" is 390/12 brown tie (AVL "A" series)
  • 15.5" is 392/12 blue tie (Louet Spring and Megado)

Sold in bundles of 100 except for 15.5", which are bundles of 50

The best way we have found to put the heddles on your loom is to slide them on the heddle bars before removing the ties. They will probably fit very tightly at this stage. Once they are on the heddle bars, remove the ties and spread the heddles. They are connected to one another at the top and bottom. Most weavers clip them apart once they are on the loom.