Tapestry Weaving, Harvey

Tapestry Weaving, Harvey
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By Nancy Harvey. This reprinted classic is filled with designs, tips, and hundreds of diagrams. All steps of the process are covered, from preparing the warp to mounting the final piece. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced tapestry techniques are explained, as well as how to create your cartoon. Hundreds of black-and-white photos and diagrams illustrate the text. The "Inspiration" chapter includes colors photos.

Contents by chapter:

  1. The Basics--anatomy of a tapestry loom and how to choose your materials
  2. Preparing the loom, including warping the loom and weaving the header
  3. Basic tapestry techniques, including slits, interlock, diagonals, and curves
  4. Additional techniques: hatching, adding colors, and forming a circle
  5. Refinements of the techniques already introduced
  6. Techniques for creating texture, color blending, and color highlights
  7. Finishing, mounting, and caring for your tapestry
  8. Inspiration for your own designs
  9. Designing for tapestry and preparing a cartoon
  10. Quick reference guide to techniques

Softcover; 206 pages