Tapestry Techniques for Fabric for Clothing DVD

Tapestry Techniques for Fabric for Clothing DVD
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Nancy Harvey developed this process of using tapestry techniques (hachures and hatching) with a pick or two of perle cotton between passes to create a fabric that is soft, drapable, and suitable for clothing. After an introduction to traditional tapestry you will learn how to create this fabric by choosing the appropriate yarn. You will weave a variety of samples so you can choose the weight and look of the fabric you need for your project, calculate shrinkage accurately (based on your sample), calculate warp and weft quantities, create a design and transfer the design lines to your full scale cartoon. There is lots of planning and preparation but the weaving progresses quickly for this one-of-a-kind garment. Appropriate cutting, weaving, and sewing tips are also included.

118 minutes