Studio Tool Holder Pattern Leaflet

Studio Tool Holder Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-362-

Detailed Description

We've updated and expanded the tool holder we designed back in 2004 to make it even more useful. It is woven in double weave on four harnesses using 3/2 Perle Cotton sett at 24 epi (12 epi per layer). As you weave, you exchange layers to make pockets, tubes, and separate layers. Wooden dowels (included in the kit) give the tool holder structure so you can confidently load it up with all of the tools you need to keep handy. It is a home workshop in double weave but also creates an attractive and practical addition to your studio.
  • makes 1 tool holder, 12" x 34" plus cord
  • 2-layer double weave on 4 harnesses
  • 13" weaving width sett at 24 epi
  • designed for 3/2 Perle mercerized cotton
  • challenge--juggling two layers isn't hard, but it requires concentration!

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