Shimmering Seeds

Shimmering Seeds
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Detailed Description

This elegant little wrap proves you don't have to have color when you have great texture. It is woven using two undyed rayon/cotton blend yarns. The warp is Casino, sett at 10 epi. It is a smooth, sleek yarn with great drape. The weft is Sharhazade, a yarn with tightly twisted rayon bumps that look almost like beads, for a dressy shawl that is easy to make on a rigid heddle loom or a loom with just two harnesses. It measures 10.5" x 60" and can be hand washed and air dried.

You will need:

  • 13" weaving width in a rigid heddle loom or 2-harness loom
  • 10 dent rigid heddle or reed
  • flat or boat shuttle