Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift

Schacht Ultra Umbrella Swift
Item Number: WA-WW-SWS-

Detailed Description

The Ultra Umbrella Swift from Schacht is designed to be the only tool you'll need for holding reeled hanks under tension while you wind them into balls or for making reeled hanks from coned yarn.

The Ultra Umbrella Swift is designed to be versatile. The unique clamp on its base allows it to attach firmly to even thick countertops or tables. The swift can be used vertically or rotated 90 and used horizontally. It has a built-in handle at the top for winding. Unlike traditional swifts, the arms expand as you push down on the top of the swift rather than slide up from the bottom and they will not expand automatically as soon as the yarn is wound off. It can hold skeins of up to 93" in circumference.

The Ultra Umbrella Swift includes:

  • ball bearings for smooth, easy movement
  • solid steel pins to keep the slats stable
  • tube-and-button connectors to join the slats
  • unique screw mechanism allowing the swift to be mounted to surfaces with thick edges

For those who would use the swift primarily for winding skeins from cones or other skeins, Schacht offers this swift with a counter that counts both forwards and backwards.