Schacht Sword

Schacht Sword
Item Number: WA-TM-PKW-
This item is no longer available

Detailed Description

Schacht is currently not making weaving swords. They expect to resume production at some point but we don't know when or what the price will be. If the size you want is not currently available and you would like us to contact you when they are available again, please email us.

A Schacht weaving sword has two uses. First, you use it as a pick up stick to open the shed. Then you use its beveled edge to pack down the weft. The swords are made of maple with an oil finish. The tip angles to a point for easy picking of warp threads. The 1 3/4" sword width creates a shed generous enough to allow passage of a slim boat shuttle.

The swords come in three sizes:

  • 16" long; 1 3/4" wide; 1/4" thick
  • 22" long; 1 3/4" wide; 1/4" thick