Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel

Schacht Flatiron Spinning Wheel
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Detailed Description

Schacht's Flatiron wheel is a traditional Saxony wheel in shape but modern in engineering and styling. You assemble it yourself and you can customize it to your preferences, with flyer on the right or left and set up for double drive, Scotch tension, or Irish tension (bobbin lead). It has been designed to be easy, with smooth treadling, easy adjustment of the drive band tension, and a quick switch between single and double drive. The Flatiron's features include:

  • double treadle operation
  • self-aligning bearings in the maidens
  • quick-release lever for switching out bobbins
  • ratios of 10.4:1 to 17.4:1 as packaged
  • 22.5" drive wheel
  • 26" orifice height
  • dimensions: 33" wide x 33" tall x 18" deep
  • total weight of 15 lbs
  • comes with 3 travel bobbins, medium and fast whorls, cotton and poly drive bands, and a threading hook
  • compatible with other Schacht whorls so you can broaden your ratios from 4.6:1 to 26.2:1

Options available include:

The Flatiron is made from maple ply with a plastic wheel. It is manufactured in Boulder, Colorado.