Schacht End-Delivery Shuttle

Schacht End-Delivery Shuttle
Item Number: WA-SB-SHEF

Detailed Description

End-feed shuttles allow for extremely easy and even release of weft. This can improve selvedges dramatically. The Schacht end-feed shuttle uses two metal plates, adjusted by an Allen wrench, to control the tension on the weft. The two metal surfaces can be brought closer together or farther apart to allow the yarn to feed out faster or slower and to accommodate various thicknesses of yarns. The yarn is wound onto a pirn rather than a typical bobbin. The pirn does not spin on the shaft of the shuttle but stays firmly in place while the yarn pulls off the end. There is no rattling bobbin to catch and hold up the weft.

The ends of the Schacht end-delivery shuttle taper to a slim edge at mid-height. The shuttle is open-bottom and of maple, with an oil-rubbed finish. The position of the spindle that holds the pirn can be adjusted using the same Allen wrench that controls the tension. The 12" shuttle takes a 6" Schacht pirn while the 15" takes the 8" Schacht pirn (not included).

Dimensions for the 12" shuttle: 12 7/8" long; 1 5/8" wide; 1 1/4" high; weight: 5 oz.
Dimensions for the 15" shuttle: 15" long; 1 5/8" high; 1 1/4" high; weight: 6 oz.

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