Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond

Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics and Beyond
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By Deborah Jarchow. Rigid Heddle Weaving: Basics and Beyond is a terrific resource for beginning and intermediate weavers. It starts at the beginning, explaining the warping process with the help of color photos. Then it moves to the actual weaving, beginning with plain weave but moving on to more challenging techniques. Thirty-one projects are included, with complete instructions and inspiring photos. The contents are:

  • The basics for getting started--looms, yarn, terminology and tools
  • Plain Weave--the basic weave but also how to expand it with textures, thick and thin yarns, and crammed/spaced setts
  • Playing with Color--the foundation for making interesting combinations
  • Structure Variations--pick up and hand manipulation
  • Other Interesting Techniques--clasped weft, knots and loops, and differential shrinkage
  • More Advanced Techniques--double headdle patterns, vertical tubes, pockets, layers, and extra skills
  • Useful Information--easy reference to get the most out of your weaving and keep track of what you've done
  • Ooops--what to do when something has gone wrong
  • Index of Techniques
  • Yarns Used--a visual reference for helping make substitutions
  • History of Ashford

Softcover; 199 pages