Reversible Symmetry kit

Reversible Symmetry kit
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Detailed Description

This design was based on two-color a rug we wove nearly 30 years ago. But this time around, we decided to use three colors. This is rep weave, so all of the color that you see is from the warp yarns. Two wefts, a heavy one made from three strands of Quebecoise and a fine one made of Cotton 8/4, are visible only at the edges of the rug. The warp ends, also Quebecoise, wrap around the wefts and completely enclose them. We picked 100% wool Quebecoise for this project because it is durable and has lots of color choices. The kit makes a rug measuring approximately 34" x 54". It can be spot cleaned and, if necessary, hand washed.

You will need:

  • 36" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 6 dent reed
  • 432 heddles
  • 1 flat, ski, or rag shuttle
  • 1 additional shuttle, any style

Our rug uses Quebecoise 68 Dark Brown as the main color and 72 Pale Gray and 65 Red Brown as the secondary colors. The fine weft is Cotton 8/4 color 8263 Chocolate. If you would like your rug to be in this color combination, simply order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own colors, please see our Quebecoise and Cotton 8/4 pages to see the colors available. Then order the kit here and tell us your color choices in the box above. You need to select three colors of Quebecoise and one of Cotton 8/4. Please specify which is the main color in Quebecoise.