Recipe Book

Recipe Book
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By Mary Meigs Atwater. The Recipe Book, originally published in 1957, was a storehouse of weaving ideas, presented in a notebook form. It was reprinted many times over the years, but this newest reprinting includes new color photos of woven samples.

The book is organized by function:

  • Coverlets
  • Rugs
  • Drapery and Upholstery
  • Fabrics for Clothing
  • Table Pieces, Towelling, etc.
  • Bags and Blankets
  • Miscellaneous (including a phone book cover!)

The pages themselves are facsimiles of the Mary Meigs Atwater's handwritten originals. The threading drafts are in the familiar form but the treadling sequences are often written out instructions rather than charted. They are complete but the notation may take a little time to become comfortable. Each design in the series has an intended functional purpose, whether it is a rug or placemats or a phone book cover. While many modern weavers may not be interested in the original function of the pieces, they will find these designs excellent launching points for their own projects.

Hardcover over spiral binding, 176 pages.