Rainbow Lovey kit

Rainbow Lovey kit
Item Number: WP-YB-569-

Detailed Description

Bundle your baby in a blanket that is lightweight and warm, with a deliciously plush surface. We've taken advantage of the many lively colors of Coast to stripe the warp in five fun and bright colors. The weft is black to make those colors pop. (But check out the additional detail photo showing other weft color options, too!) The warp is sett at 20 epi and the weft is beaten at 18 ppi for a light, drapey fabric. The kit makes one blanket with finished dimensions of approximately 28.5" x 34". It can be machine washed if you use knotted fringe or hand washed if you prefer loose fringe.

Coast, from Holst Garn, is a blend of 55% Merino lambswool and 45% cotton. The yarn comes from the manufacturer with a thin film of spinning oil and excess dye on the surface, so it is deceptively fine when you see it on the skein. Once you wash the finished fabric, however, the oil and dye are released and the fiber "blooms" into a fabric that feels like wool flannel. This is a fairly fine yarn and does require even tensioning to prevent broken warp ends. We've tried multiple warps with it with few problems, but if you struggle with broken ends, you might need to put some more practice in before tackling this project.

You will need:

  • Coast: 3 skeins Black and 1 skein each of California Blue, Butterfly, Peach, Cantaloup, and Lime
  • 35.1" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 10-dent reed
  • 700 heddles
  • boat shuttle and bobbin

Our sample blanket uses Coast in warp colors Califorina Blue, Butterfly, Peach, Cantaloup, and Lime with Black for the weft.