Primrose Panels Pattern Leaflet

Primrose Panels Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-262-

Detailed Description

Freshen up your kitchen with bright, crisp Cottolin curtains. We used Bockens 22/2 Cottolin, a classic for kitchen textiles because it has much of the crispness of linen but some of the elasticity of cotton, plus it can be machine washed. The pattern weft is 3/2 perle cotton, available in enough colors to suit any color scheme. The majority of each curtain is plain weave, with the warp set at 20 epi, and woven with a slightly different color of Cottolin for dept of color. For the border section, you will use two shuttles, one continuing for the plain weave background weft and a second one for the pattern weft. If you are new to overshot, this gives you a taste of the structure without having to commit to an all-over pattern.

  • makes 2 panels, each 18" x 31"
  • 4-harness overshot
  • 22" weaving width sett at 20 epi
  • designed for 22/2 cottolin and 3/2 perle cotton
  • challenge--alternating picks of two yarns used in weft


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