Plaited Twill Door Mat

Plaited Twill Door Mat
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Detailed Description

Most rugs are either warp-faced or weft-faced. In this rug, we went for a balanced weave, where you see the warp and weft equally. That means that a huge number of patterns were open to us and we picked this stylish plaited twill. We used Heavy Rug Wool, sett at 6 epi in the warp. The same yarn, beaten at 6 ppi, is used as the weft. The kit makes a rug with dimensions of 20" x 39" plus braided fringe. It can be hand washed and air dried.

You will need:

  • 21.5" weaving width
  • 8 harnesses
  • 10 treadles
  • 6 dent reed
  • 127 heddles
  • 2 flat, rug, or ski shuttles

Our rug uses Heavy Rug Wool colors 160 Dark Grey and 128 Pale Grey. If you would like your rug kit to be in this color combination, simply order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own colors, please see our Heavy Rug Wool page to view the options. Then return to this page, order the kit, and tell us your two colors in the box above.