Nimbus Poncho Pattern

Nimbus Poncho Pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-481-

Detailed Description

Light, lofty, and very warm. The Nimbus Poncho is a lightweight top layer that can work indoors in place of a cardigan or outdoors instead of a jacket. It is woven in plain weave using Eco Wool, a 100% wool yarn, for both the warp and the weft. The weave is loose and airy--5 epi and 5 ppi. Once the two panels are woven, they are stitched together up the back and then a decorative stitch is worked on top of the seam. The kit makes one poncho measuring 44" from side-to-side and 20" in length. It can be hand washed,and air dried.

You will need:

  • 26" weaving width
  • 2 harness loom with 10 dent reed or rigid heddle loom with 5 dent heddle
  • 130 heddles if using a harness loom
  • 1 large boat shuttle and bobbin

Our ruana was woven using Eco Wool color 9004 Grey/Light Grey Ragg.

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