Needle Felting Starter Kit, large

Needle Felting Starter Kit, large
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Needle felting is an alternative to wet felting. Instead of using heat, water, and friction to lock the fibers together, needle felting uses small barbed needles to grab the wool fibers and bond them together. It can be used to make 3-dimensional objects like dolls or to embellish a flat piece of fabric with a wool decoration.

If you haven't tried needle felting before, you might not know how to get started or what you need. The Needle Felting Starter Kit has all of the tools that you need to try it out. The kit includes:

  • basic needle felting instructions
  • 4 felting needles (1 each of 36 gauge and 40 gauge; 2 of 38 gauge)
  • foam pad to felt on
  • instructions to make a heart-shaped coaster
You will need a little wool (non-superwash) fiber to get started. We carry white wool top as well as many dyed colors.