Majacraft Rose

Majacraft Rose
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Detailed Description

The Rose is Majacraft's classic double treadle model. Built for versatility and ease of use, the Rose is also a beatiful wheel made of Rimu wood. Need a wheel with many different ratios for workshops? This might be the one you need. Here's what you get with the Rose:

  • ratios: 4.9, 6.1, 8.5, 12.7, and 23.1 on the large whorl
  • ratios: 5.7, 8.7, 12.1, 15.4, and 19.9 on the small whorl
  • both standard delta flyer and standard fine flyer
  • orifice height: 27"
  • lazy kate that doubles as a bobbin carrier
  • 4 plastic bobbins
  • flyer that can be adjusted for either left- or right-handed spinning
  • scotch tension
  • normal whorl and faster Little Gem whorl
  • two flyers: delta flyer and fine fibre orifice

The rich wood is smoothly finished. The wheel comes unassembled.

Made in New Zealand.

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