Louet Bobbin

Louet Bobbin
Item Number: SA-LOU-BOB

Detailed Description

Except for the one marked "Unfinished," all Louet bobbins have a lacquer finish. Louet standard and high-speed bobbins are large, easily holding 6 oz or more of yarn.

Ratios for bobbins:

  • Standard 5.5, 7.5, 10.5:1
  • Fatcore 6.5, 9.5, 15:1
  • High speed 6.5, 9.5, 15:1
  • Standard Unfinished: 5.5, 7.5, 10.5:1
  • These bobbins fit older Louet S10, current S10 Concept Wheels with Irish Tension, S15, S17, S51, and S75 wheels. They do NOT fit S40, S45, S87, S90, or Victoria.