Log Cabin Rug & Matching Towels Pattern Leaflet

Log Cabin Rug & Matching Towels Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-122-

Detailed Description

Log cabin is an easy plain weave pattern, using only two harnesses but drawing the pattern from the effect of alternating colors in the warp and weft. With this kit, you begin by weaving two towels using Ad Astra 4/2 cotton for the warp and weft, with the warp sett at 12 epi. Then you will weave a rug using mop cotton and one color of the Ad Astra for the weft on the remaining warp.

  • makes 2 towels, each 18" x 24", and 1 rug, 20" x 36"
  • log cabin (2 harnesses)
  • 20" weaving width sett at 12 epi
  • designed for 4/2 unmercerized cotton and mop cotton
  • challenge--easy weaving but you alternate 2 colors in warp and weft

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