Linen Bread Bag Leaflet Pattern

Linen Bread Bag Leaflet Pattern
Item Number: WP-YB-386-

Detailed Description

Store your homemade bread in a linen bag made especially for it! This project makes two draw-string bags that measure 12.5" x 18". They use 20/2 linen sett at 24 epi. Two colors are used-natural and half-bleached-for a subtle, elegant look. The pattern is an 8-harness color-and-weave effect where ends of two colors alternate both in the warp and the weft. Instructions are given for sewing the bag and making the drawstrings.
  • makes 2 bags, 12" x 18"
  • 8 harness color-and-weave
  • 15.5" weaving width
  • 24 epi in 12-dent reed
  • designed for 20/2 linen
  • challenge--alternates two shuttles throughout, linen requires very even tension

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