Lendrum Cherry Saxony

Lendrum Cherry Saxony
Item Number: SW-LENSX-C

Detailed Description

We are accepting pre-orders for Saxony wheels.

The Saxony is Lendrum's premier production wheel with a 28 diameter wheel and double treadles for fast, uniform motion. The wheel can be ordered with either double drive action with Scotch tension option or single drive action. You can choose left or right spindle position. Not sure which position to choose? If you hold the fiber in your left hand and control the twist with your right hand, then Lendrum recommends choosing the flyer on the right. This positions the wheel so you don't have to twist your upper body. If you hold the fiber in your right hand and control the twist with your left, then choose the flyer on the left.

Each wheel comes with four bobbins and a tensioned lazy kate. The wheel has ball bearings and Delrin bearings carry the flyer for smooth operation. Double drive ratios: 8, 12, 15, 18 to 1. Single drive ratios: 8, 11, and 14 to 1. The wheel ships unassembled but sanded and ready for the oil or lacquer finish of your choice.

This is the cherry wheel. Lendrum also makes a walnut Saxony wheel.