Leclerc Two-Bobbin Boat Shuttle

Leclerc Two-Bobbin Boat Shuttle
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Some projects require you to use two strands of weft together. One option is to wind both strands together on a bobbin, but it is almost impossible to wind them on at the exact same rate. And if they wind on at different rates, they will come off the same way, with one strand having more slack than the other. It is time consuming to try to even up the amount of yarn that feeds off the bobbin, but if you don't, the sevedges suffer. A two-bobbin boat shuttle solves this problem by controlling each weft separately. This not only improves your selvedges, but also makes it easy to experiment with color gradation. Start with color A on both bobbins. Then switch one bobbin to color B. Then switch the remaining A to B. Next, switch one to C, and so on.

This shuttle has the same tapered shaping, with the tips curving toward the weaver, as Leclerc's regular shuttle. The bottom is closed for reduced friction. The shuttle is made of maple with a lacquer finish. It uses 4" Leclerc bobbins (not included).

Dimensions: 13 3/4" long; 1 3/4" wide; 1 3/8" high
Weight: 5 oz.

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