Leclerc Electric Double-Ended Bobbin Winder

Leclerc Electric Double-Ended Bobbin Winder
Item Number: WA-WW-BW-L2
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Detailed Description

The electric double-ended bobbin winder from Leclerc has one stationary end and one that slides along a groove in the wooden base. Each end has a blunt conical tip and you pin the bobbin, pirn, or spool between the ends. Tension is provided by a spring in the movable end. The stationary end is turned by a motor so you can wind lots of bobbins very quickly without elbow or muscle strain. A sewing machine-type foot pedal connects to the motor to control the speed. This winder works for most bobbins, pirns, and spools up to 8" long and flanges up to 4" in diameter, but may not hold small paper quills.