Leclerc 11 inch Slim Boat Shuttle

Leclerc 11 inch Slim Boat Shuttle
Item Number: WA-SB-L11-SLIM
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Detailed Description

The slim boat shuttle from Leclerc has the same shape as the full-sized shuttles but is sized for the smaller sheds of table looms and workshop looms. The ends of the shuttle taper to a slim tip while curving toward the weaver, making the shuttle less likely to catch threads from the upper part of the shed. The bottom is open to allow the shuttle to be shorter. It is made of maple with a medium-tone lacquer finish. This shuttle takes a 4" Leclerc bobbin (not included).

Dimensions: 11 1/4" long; 1 5/8" wide; 1" high

Weight: 4 oz.

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