Kansas Sunset kit

Kansas Sunset kit
Item Number: WK-YB-532-
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Detailed Description

This scarf is all about color changes but it couldn't be easier! The secret is the weft yarn, Sox, a wool-blend knitting yarn that was developed to create fun stripes in a knitted sock but it also makes a unique striping pattern when woven. The warp is Rayon Slub, giving the scarf a little swing. The scarf is plain weave, sett at 12 epi, and the pattern includes instructions for weaving it on either a rigid heddle loom or a loom with harnesses. The kit makes one scarf with finished dimensions of approximately 7" x 70" if woven on a rigid heddle loom; shorter if woven on a loom with harnesses. It can be hand washed and dried flat, with a short tumble in the dryer to fluff.

You will need:

  • 8.5" weaving width
  • rigid heddle loom or loom with 2 harnesses
  • 12 dent rigid heddle or reed
  • if using a loom with harnesses, 102 heddles
  • 1 flat shuttle or boat shuttle and bobbin

The Sox color we used in the woven sample of color combination 1 has been discontinued. A very near substitution of color 14107 gives a similar look so we are substituting it in the 1 Kansas Sunset colorway. (You can see it in the additional photo above.) You can choose one of our color combinations by using the pull-down menu. If you would like to choose your own colors, order the kit in any colorway and then note the Sox color and Rayon Slub color that you want in the box above. Please click here to see the colors of Sox and here to see the colors of Rayon Slub.