Interlocking Diamonds Scarf Pattern Leaflet

Interlocking Diamonds Scarf Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-329-

Detailed Description

Slightly elongated diamond shapes embellish a scarf made from slinky, shimmery 8/2 Bamboo. The diamonds are huck lace, small squares of warp and weft floats that create openwork. We've chosen the 8/2 Bamboo because it is ideal for a decorative scarf. It is a rayon made from bamboo fibers. Bamboo has the shine and luminous color of silk without the cost of silk. It is supple, and sett at 20 epi, it has a swingy motion.

  • makes 1 scarf, 9.5" x 72.5"
  • 8-harness huck lace
  • 12" weaving width sett at 20 epi
  • designed for 8/2 Bamboo rayon from bamboo
  • challenge--somewhat fine threads but not difficult to weave

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