Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step

Increase, Decrease: 99 Step-by-Step
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By Judith Durant. Sure, kfb and K2tog get the job done, but there are so many more ways to increase and decrease that you don't have to just settle for these. Some are invisible, some leave a small eyelet, some create a slanted stitch. In addition, you can add or subtract more than one stitch at a time. There are also textured patterns and effects that you can create by smart use of the proper increasing and decreasing types. Each of the 99 techniques has color photographs of the "how-to" steps plus photographs of a swatch made using it. So don't settle for the same old methods! Explore Durant's book and you will be able to make the right choice for specific results in your project.

Spiral bound, 256 pages