Illusion Scarf Pattern Leaflet

Illusion Scarf Pattern Leaflet
Item Number: WP-YB-323-

Detailed Description

When you think of lace, you imagine openwork. This Atwater-Bronson lace scarf has some openwork, but what you notice is the color affect. The tie-up of our scarf creates areas of warp floats in some areas and weft floats in others, with plain weave in between. By using light and dark of the same color, you can create an illusion of three levels of depth.

We used 5/2 Perle Cotton sett at 16 epi for this scarf. It comes in lots of colors to choose from and has enough body to show off the lace.

  • makes 1 scarf, 6.5" x 64.5"
  • 8-harness Atwater-Bronson lace
  • 7.5" weaving width sett at 16 epi
  • designed for 5/2 Perle mercerized cotton
  • challenge--easy 8-harness project

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