How to Weave a Navajo Rug

How to Weave a Navajo Rug
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By Lynda Teller Pete and Barbara Teller Ornelas. The two authors of this comprehensive look at traditional Navajo weaving are fifth-generation weavers of the Navajo Nation. It isn't possible to understand Navajo weaving separately from the Navajo history and culture, so this is both a "how-to" weaving book but also an exploration of the role that weaving has played in Navajo life. Techniques are explained both in terms of function and meaning.

The book begins with the origins of Navajo weaving, an overview of wool preparation and spinning, and then a look at looms, materials, and supplies needed. While no detailed instructions are given for constructing your own loom, a large, clear photo of a wooden table-top loom is given and could be used to create your own loom. The next chapters cover warping the loom and beginning the weaving. Basic weaving techniques are given as well as the specifics of weaving blocks of contrast color. The final section is on finishing techniques.

The book is illustrated with helpful diagrams and color photographs on most pages.

Spiral bound within a hard cover, 141 pages