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Home Spa Towels
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Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa with two beautiful handwoven towels. These are made using 4/2 unmercerized cotton sett at 15 epi which gives them heft without being stiff. The warp is natural and each towel is made using a different color for the weft. We made two hemmed towels each 30" x 50". The towels can be machine washed and dried.

You will need:

  • 35" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 10- or 15-dent reed
  • 520 heddles
  • large boat shuttle and bobbins

Our towels use weft colors of Juniper and Brilliant Blue. If you would like your towels to be in these colors, simply order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own colors, please see our 4/2 Cotton page to view the options. This kit is made using two solid colors (not variegated). When you have chosen your colors, return to this page, order the kit, and tell us your color choices in the box above. If you want both towels to be the same color, it will take one less cone and when we process your order, the kit price will be lower.