High Class, Low Maintenance Throw

High Class, Low Maintenance Throw
Item Number: WK-YB-377-
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Detailed Description

Explore an extended twill variation with this cozy lap throw project. It uses Berocco's Vintage Chunky sett at 8 epi and woven at 8 ppi. The warp is striped in four colors and one of them doubles as the weft color. Vintage Chunky is a blend of acrylic, wool, and nylon that can be machine washed as long as the fringe is finished by twisting or braiding. The finished throw is approximately 32" x 65".

You will need:

  • 36" weaving width
  • 4 harnesses
  • 8-dent reed
  • 285 heddles
  • large boat shuttle and bobbins
  • optional: fringe twister

Our throw is shown in Vintage Chunky main color 6180 Dried Plum, with secondary color 6181 Black Cherry, and accent colors 6192 Chana Dal and 6175 Fennel. If you would like these colors, simply order the kit above. If you would like to choose your own colors, please see our Vintage Chunky page to view the options. Then return to this page, order the kit, and tell us your main color, secondary color, and two accent colors in the box above.