Designer, creative genius, author, and founder of TL Yarn Crafts, Toni Lipsey will take you on a tour of the wonderful world of Tunisian crochet.  Start off with Tunisian Crochet for the Absolute Beginners and learn how this wonderful craft, resting at the intersection of knitting and crochet, brings the best of these crafts into a new dimension.  Discover the excitement of this addictive technique and walk out of class with your first completed project—the Geo Potholder, an exclusive pattern from Toni’s book The Tunisian Crochet Handbook.  Dive deeper into the world of Tunisian crochet as you learn 4 unique and beautiful stitches in the second half of the day with Tunisian Crochet Stitch Exploration.  Master close textures, lacy patterns, and beginner colorwork.  Combine those stitches with joining and finishing techniques for a beautiful and unique sampler blanket.  Our second day will be for more experienced stitchers.  The Mesa Hat combines fundamental stitches, basic colorwork, and simple shaping into an eye-catching beanie.  The Loveland Shawl puts your intermediate-level Tunisian crochet skills to the test.  Featuring basic colorwork, shaping, and a collection of meditative stitches, you’ll fall in love with how quickly this wrap works up. 


No refunds or store credit for class cancellations after April 27 unless we find a replacement for you.


C221—Tunisian Crochet for the Absolute Beginner--May 18 (Sat.) 9 a.m.-noon $70.00      



C222—Tunisian Crochet Stitch Exploration--May 18 (Sat.) 1-4 p.m.                                             $70.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!


C223—Beginner Tunisian Crochet: Mesa Hat—May 19 (Sun.) 9:a.m.-noon                            $70.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!


C224—Intermediate Tunisian Crochet: Loveland Shawl—May 19 (Sun.) 1-4 p.m.           $70.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!




Beth Brown-Reinsel has been passionately teaching historic knitting workshops nationally, as well as internationally, for over 30 years.  Her book Knitting Ganseys has been deemed a classic, and it was revised, expanded, and released in 2018!  Beth will share her knowledge of traditional knitting techniques with 2 classes: Latvian Fingerless Mitts and The Cowichan-Inspired Cardigan. 


Day 1: Beautiful knitting methods of Latvia will be studied in Latvian Fingerless Mitts: a scalloped cuff, the herringbone braid, and many subtle and beautiful variations of the half-braid.  A choice of two-, three-, or four-color traditional motifs is incorporated in the main part of the mitt as well as the gusset-less thumb and a picot edge at the end.  Additional techniques discussed include yarn dominance, knitting with two yarns in the right hand, two yarns in the left hand, or a yarn in each hand, as well as knitting with three or four colors.  You will receive a full color pattern and handout with this class.   


Day 2 & 3: On Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the Coast Salish people developed this V-necked, shawl-collard garment after learning of knitting from Europeans who came to their area.  The Salish knitters prefer motifs that reflect the natural world (whales, birds, etc.) as well as geometric motifs.  The sweaters still use handspun yarn, are knitted flat on double-pointed needles, and with thick singles yarns in 2 or 3 colors.  In this class, the student will knit a Cowichan-inspired sampler sweater and learn about working with colors and weaving (on the right side and wrong side) by knitting the body flat, reading a chart, putting stripes in ribbing without color distortion, knitting pockets, a traditional shoulder join, creating a shawl collar shaped with short rows, knitting sleeves (flat and in the round) from the top down while shaping the cap, and hand-sewing in a zipper, or working an attached garter stitch button band.  These skills can be used with other garments and add to your repertoire of knitting techniques.


No refunds or store credit for class cancellations after June 8 unless we find a replacement for you.


K371 Latvian Fingerless Mitts June 22 (Sat.) 9:30-4:00 p.m. 1 day                            $139.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!


K372 The Cowichan-Inspired Cardigan June 23-24 (Sun.-Mon.) 9:30-4:00 p.m. 2 days  $277.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!





Shimmering Colors:  The Magic of Iridescence

Bobbie Irwin, author of Weaving Iridescence, has created an exciting 3-day workshop using a wide range of colors.  Fabrics that appear to change colors as the light and orientation change seem almost magical!  Using 10/2 Perle Cotton, learn the many factors that influence the results:  hue, value, luster, weave structure, and more.  You’ll weave a plain weave color sampler with a limited range of 3 analogous warp colors and 24 weft colors.  Various analogous colors can be used for each student and during class you’ll analyze the sampler and choose two effective weft colors to make a second sampler on the same warp while experimenting with a variety of weave structures and color variations.  We are dressing the looms for you in this workshop and all yarns are included in the workshop fee


No refunds or store credits for cancellations after March 30 unless we find a replacement for you.


W65—April 20-22 (Sat.-Mon.) 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.       3 days  $280.00 LEARN MORE AND ENROLL NOW!



Please note:  

·         All class enrollments must include payment.

·         Students must be 16 years or older to sign up for classes unless they are specifically kids classes.

·         Cancellations must be made 3 days prior to class starting to receive a refund unless we are threading a loom for you, the last day to cancel will be stated otherwise.

·         Yarn Barn will cancel a class 3 days prior to class start if the enrollment is below the minimum number; refunds will be issued.

·         Unless noted, materials are not included in the class fee; we have a recommended list of supplies for each class.

·         Students will receive a discount off most yarns during the class period.

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