Glimakra Roller Shuttle

Glimakra Roller Shuttle
Item Number: WA-SB-GLR-

Detailed Description

We have had such an enthusiastic response to the roller shuttles, we are sold out! More are in transit and expected on Feb. 26. Pre-order now for shipment then.

Roller shuttles make it easier to weave on a wide warp. The rollers reduce drag on the shuttle and it goes all the way from one selvedge to the other with less effort. These Glimakra shuttles have open bottoms and a lacquer finish. The 11.75" shuttle holds 4" paper quills (one included). The 14.75" shuttle holds 6" paper quills (one included). You can also use some plastic bobbins, but the spindle sits high within the shuttle box and so the bobbins do stick up above the top of the shuttle. This might not be a problem, depending on height of your shed. We found that the shuttles fitted with a plastic bobbin had no trouble even the relatively small opening of a table loom shed. The 4" Schacht bobbin fits in the 11.75" shuttle and the Schacht 6" bobbin fits in the 14.75" shuttle.

11.75" shuttle specifications: 11 3/4" long X 1 5/8" wide X 7/8" high; 3.36 oz
14.75" shuttle dimensions: 14 3/4" long X 1 7/8" wide X 1 1/8" high; 5.92 oz